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Sharing per email


The new release JustResizeIt!+ 2.0 is based on the innovations of JustResizeIt!.
By adding sending capabilities, pictures are automatically resized and sent to a group of email addresses or uploaded to an online gallery controlled by the user.

Private sharing of pictures is simplified to a single drag & drop. 

JustResizeIt! introduced back in 2009 one of the most simplest way to resize pictures.

The user creates widgets that define how the images will be resized, drag and drops one or more images on a widget, waits a few seconds and drag and drops the resized images from the widget into an email, office document or a folder.

The new JustResizeIt!+ 2.0 release has sending features added to the resizing.

With a single drag & drop, the pictures are automatically sent after resizing. The user can define where and how to send the pictures. Each widget can contain a list of email addresses. JustResizeIt!+ will automatically compose an email containing all the pictures and send it to all recipients. The user can also install an online gallery, set up a widget to upload resized pictures and fill the gallery just by drag and drop. Widgets can further collect the pictures in a local folder to be synchronized with a smartphone or a tablet.

Resize settings

Pictures are can be resized in vairous ways prior to be sent.

Email settings

The "To" list specifies to whom the images are to be sent. There are predefined email account settings for some of the major email providers. Parameters can also be set for any other provider.

Once widgets are created for every single purpose, sharing is just one drag and drop away. The user remains in control of his pictures. There is no sending or keeping them on foreign services with foreign terms of uses. Pictures of a lifetime can easily fit on a USB stick, smartphone and tablet when resized to Full HD resolution. The user can show or stream them at any time to a selected public.

JustResizeIt! (free) version, without the sending capabilities remains free of charge. JustResizeIt!+ is priced at US$ 9.90.

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Resize with Drag and Drop - How it works

Screen shots

JustResizeIt!+ on Windows7

JustResizeIt!+ is an Windows and Mac application. Example of JustResizeIt!+ with commonly used widgets.


Website JustResizeIt!+

Website of JustResizeIt! (free) and JustResizeIt!+ 

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